Friday, May 4, 2012

Small Business Day at the Capitol--Our voice for you.

Did you know that most legislators never hear from their constituents, even on key legislation?  According to Renee Amar, Louisiana State Director of the national Federation of Independent Business ( if a legislator hears from 4 or 5 constituents "it is like the world is on fire" – your voice—yes YOURS—can make a difference. 

The Small Business Day at the Capitol on May 3rd connected small business owners with our legislators and gave us an opportunity to learn about legislation that affects our operations.  Getting informed is the first step to making an impact. 

Turn Key Solutions is committed to serving not only our clients but also our community.  Because most of our Clients are small businesses (defined by the SBA as under 500 employees), we believe that advocacy is essential to the success of all of us.  It is a challenge for me to take time away from running my businesses to get informed about legislation, serve on the Baton Rouge Area Chamber's Small Business Council ( as Co-Chair of the Advocacy Committee, and serve on the NFIB's Leadership Council.  But it is a commitment that my partners, Henry and Harold, and I have made because we cannot stick our heads in the sand and just let legislation and regulations happen to us. 

There are so many bills and regulations that threaten the success of small businesses, especially in the controversial area of healthcare.  Because of our experience in serving the healthcare industry in everything from HIPAA/HITECH compliance to servers and network security, we have seen first-hand how legislation and regulations can turn an entire industry on its head. 

Amar, one of the keynote speakers at the Small Business Day at the Capitol, went on to describe how legislators often only hear from lobbyists—and they have their place (who else is going to keep up with thousands of pieces of legislation?!)  But when our lawmakers are being pushed and pulled from opposing lobbies, the voice of even one business owner can make all the difference in how they vote.

Turn Key Solutions is your advocate—not just in getting you the technology that helps you meet your business goals, but also by fighting for your interests as a small business.  BUT you too can make an impact.  If you want to learn more about the issues threatening your success and how you can get involved, comment on this blog.  Together our voices are louder; together we help each other succeed.  Don’t risk your future by letting legislation and regulations just happen to your business.

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